Wednesday, January 13, 2010

its been a while.....again

So long, i thought this blog may have expired.... or if it hadn't, perhaps i would have forgot my password.
Lucky for me, and perhaps for anyone who decided to steal my wallet, all my passwords are the same.
Life lately has been hectic, opening a second restaurant took a lot out of me, so much that at certain points throughout the process i thought i was going to totally lose my shit. I was faced with the longest days i have faced in my life, always feeling behind two weeks, in prep, in money, in my love life, even in basic hygiene like simple things you take for granted everyday, like sleep, eating, showering, brushing my teeth (god knows i need to brush my teeth more, or atleast my GF likes to remind me after a pack of smokes a day and a couple of coca colas late at night)

Three months behind schedule, a good 75 grand more then we thought,mold in the basement, getting dinged by the building inspector and drug and alcohol addicted contractors are just a few of the roadblocks we had to face.
But now its open, like a hurricane that has passed. time to pick up the pieces, time to pay off the credit cards that were maxed out in the last few weeks before opening, and for fucks sake, time to finally get on the payroll again.
The happy ending to this story is that we have a new spot that couldn't be any closer, the room looks awesome, the kitchen is sick, and the cooks, food and cocktails are even sicker!
I have a lot of catching up to do. The boys at both kitchens right now are kicking it into overdrive, were screwing with a lot of stuff these days. Were having a lot of fun and not taking anything too serious other then putting good food on the plate.
I think its time i start to introduce the kitchen staff that makes everything possible at the hoof.

Glad to be back.
Hope theres still a few people reading this.


Matt C said...

yes, you still have readers!

PJ said...

There definitely are, and I'm sure there always will be.

After all, you've become the darling of the Toronto charcuterie scene - how could we not read it? :)

Welcome back!

Marcos Felipe said...

Hey man you said you'd quit smoking! I mean, tobacco smoking. Keep the smoke up for the meat goodness you make. But tobacco? Nah...

Nice thing things are improving at your work. I have never been to your restaurant but from the blog point of view, it seems to be some fantastic food. If one day I go to Canada, I sure will be finding some time to go to The Hoof.

Keep on posting and welcome back!

Robin said...

had brunch at the hoof cafe earlier this week with some friends, and they were discussing whether or not you knew when you moved into the black hoof that the place across the street would eventually open up for you to move into as well!

b baxter said...

cant wait to see the new place and menu!!

commiskaze said...

Hey, keep on posting, I need ideas for curing projects!

Jen C said...

Still reading! Still loving the eats at both places!