Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Shots of the Curing Facility

Went up to the facility today to drop some stuff off and pick up a few new things that were ready, as you can see with all the pictures lately, i gotmyself a new camera!
Here's just some various salami.
A whole wack load of little guys
This is Alfredo Santangelo standing in front of a few of his proscuits!
Some Capicollo's and soprassatta

Bison Blueberry, ive been out for a while and im sure this batch wont last long either.
Caraway and dill salami, almost ready, perfect mold right now.

This is Tony's original prosciutto press he sold 25 years ago (pictured below). Alfredo bought it back from this guy to try and get it working again. This is a piece of history. They dont make em like this anymore!
Prosciutto's salting
These ones are Tony's.
And here's Tony, the italian old schooler still banging out prosciutto!

Alas, all the boys who make this possible.


PJ said...

I'm absolutely spellbound by that massive rack of prosciutto... Yum!

Darrin McCowan said...

Wow, thanks again for some great pictures. If you have it posted elsewhere on here I'd love to know where, but could you explain the system you use for your cured stuff. Meaning: you refer to dropping off/picking up new stuff, have pictures of a great professional facility and have a menu full of great items. How does all this work? I really enjoy and appreciate your efforts on the blog as well as that thing you have going on for you up there. I look forward to the time I make it up to see it for myself!


Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I want to be there. This is a fantastic blog and it's inspiring me to give charcuterie creation a go. Just wonderful. I can't wait to read more.

Jamie Waldron said...

where's the facility??

Grant van Gameren said...

This is how it works.
We share space at my friend Alfredo's Curing facility.
We make everything at the restaurant and cure it up at the facility.
Its 25 minutes north of the city out in no mans land. Freddy keeps an eye on things when im not there.
He's old school Italian and uses only table salt, im new school and use kosher. We share techniques and we both feed off eachother to make new and interesting products.
Temp and humidity are controlled manually. However a lot of fresh air runs through the curing facility so temps and humidity are somewhat natural to the current temps outside.

Jamie Waldron said...

Thanks Grant.
Looking forward to getting out to the restaurant.

Unknown said...

Wow I've always wondered what a curing facility looks like! All that beautiful meat :) Thanks for the awesome pictures!

Jennifer S said...

Fabulous photos. The pictures are making me hungry. It's wonderful to see a great operation like that. Thanks for sharing.