Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haitian Fundraiser

I dont really know Hatian food, infact no one in the kitchen today knew Haitian food. But were throwing a big fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake tomorrow and the BH's always ready to work hard on our days off for a good cause. Colin's leading the brigade. He was up early getting 80 lbs of chicken, tons of cabbage for slaw, 2 cases of plantain, and we just had a shipment of beautiful Tamworth pork from Rory come in so we got lots of product to play with.
This is Mike making sticky toffee pudding. Perhaps not the most Hatian inspired dessert, but he put a lot of rum and ginger in the toffee so it should make people happy.

This is Roland, jen's Haitian boyfriend. He showed up late and immediately began giving orders.
Doesn't he look right at home cooking in the Hoof cafe kitchen?
Rolands an artist, clearly acknowledging his masterpiece.

Perhaps i didn't care as a child when i use to douse my chicken noodle soup with this stuff, but Maggie is intense.

Wondering how the hell im going to make this national dish of Haiti they call Griot.

Second guessing myself, back to recipe.com to double check a few things.
Mike spiking the ginger rum sauce
Way too many scotch bonnets ..
Bitter orange juice, apparently the key to this recipe, second to the maggie ofcourse.
The first taste of the griot marinate, damn those bonnets!!
Colin, intense. Like a younger gangsterer version of Thomas Keller.
Intensely peeling a load of garlic.

And jen picking through our homemade Haitian pikliz removing all the cloves and peppercorns.
Round two , the big day tomorrow!!

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Marcos Felipe said...

If you have the chance, post about the results of this dish. This was a very nice post. Cooking is just so much fun! :)