Friday, January 15, 2010

Re: New Guy Branden

Branden just overcooked several hundred dollars worth of foie parfait tonight. He just became my least favorite new employee.... and now we're fucked for parfait tomorrow.... this incident will be the butt of our jokes for ATLEAST a week.
Most chef's might get super mad. For me, the two lobes of foie, kilo of turkey livers, and a 100 bucks worth of booze is worth the ridiculing he is about to endure. But were still fucked for parfait.... and that i am not happy about.

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2nd-favorite said...

that is hilarious. How is it that no one commented on this post?
Great site by the way. I just started curing at home about a month ago and wish I has access to a serious facility like that. Not to mention the serious Italian old-schooler.
I don't suppose you would like to share your blood sausage recipe.