Friday, January 15, 2010

Kitchen staff #2

So this is Colin "C-Dub" Tooke, i dont even know what a Dub is but thats what we call him. He's my main man at the hoof. He takes care of everything if im not there and i know i can trust any part of my restaurant with him. He also just bought a loft right beside me, infact his bedroom wall is mine.... weird i know... but sometimes he'll walk my dog when im too tired... so i guess if works out for the best.
Anyways, hes hard as shit. Although he used to work at a restaurant called "Four" and apparently it didn't serve food over 650 calories (what the F$%@ is up with that?) Anyways, big change to the hoof, but he's got a natural talent with food and i guarantee you will see his picture in the paper one day soon. He's also single, and although he still dresses like a gangster he deserves a nice girl.
This is Thoshon, you may remember him. He was our stage for several months a while back. You know, the crazy guy who used to drive in from Niagara on the Lake? Anyways, i offered him a job a little while ago and he basically picked up his belongings and moved to T.O.
He replaced G-mo, our peruvian sous chef who is now in Peru discovering his cultures food to hopefully bring back some to Toronto.
But anyways, whats up with this picture thoshon?
Did you used to pose in Bay catalogues as a child? That dreamy smile just seems too rehearsed.
Anyways, This guys hard as shit too. He's pretty quite and way too polite. Infact it kind of freaks me out sometimes, but this guy can cook. From day one, he was killing it on the electric stove. I have never seen someone put such love into each piece of pork belly, suckling pig, or foie gras in the middle of the shits as this guy does. He never loses his cool and is completely focused. But for real, we need to get a new picture.....shits freakin me out.

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