Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Less writing, More pictures

Heres a few quick snaps of the hoof a friend took.

Some dudes in a very intense conversation
Me in the juice


Nickel Jeff said...

looks so good. My wife and I are looking for an excuse to get to TO, these pics just might do it.

Rupert St. said...

Everything looks amazing! Which is just how I thought it would look, but it is very nice to see pictures of your establishment & charcuterie.

Anonymous said...

this looks wonderful! and delicious...

Unknown said...

The Everyman and I popped in for a charcuterie Sunday tonight, and absolutely had a ball. By the way, the goji berry pork is ridiculously good. The only thing I've liked better is the duck mousse!

Perhaps you should try to invent a charcuterie sundae...?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

im glad you enjoyed yourself! one day you and the everyman should say hello!
the gogi berry pork is probably amazing because its actually gogi berry foie gras... :)
actually, we stimbled upon that one by mistake.... post coming soon on it.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. My gf and I were in on the weekend and had a great meal. I wrote about it over at my blog (foodwithlegs.wordpress.com). Thanks a lot, Grant.