Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Raw Horse sammy

The newest hit at the Hoof. 
Raw horse sandwich with a hot sauce made by the hoofs peruvian Sous Chef, G-Mo. We dont ever eat any of the food we make at the hoof for some reason. The first night we sold out but kept one back and shared a 1/2 each. The yolk gives it a beautiful richness. The heat from the hot sauce is just right. Not over the top, but enough heat that lingers on your lips nicely if you like hot sauce. It will be perfect as the whether warms with a nice pint of brew on our patio....Oh you didn't know? The hoof has a patio!! Its gonna be a fun summer!


RedEarth said...

I'm guessing it's the tenderloin you use, yes? Man it was decadently rich and delicious... Where do you get your horse from?

Grant van Gameren said...

Your correct, tenderloin it is. i get my horse from Quebec.