Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogging from the hotel room

So its monday in montreal and apparently not much is open on mondays. Yesterday we ate at PDC. We arrived by 930. waited for our table for 1/2 an hour, waited for another 45 minutes for a drink to arrive... i guess you can guess where im going with this....the service was shit. The food however was fantastic, albeit we did order too much. I cant remember everything but heres a list of most of it. 

10 liquid foie gras
2 tarragon bison tongue
2 crispy pdc salads
2 bison tar tar
4 duck carpaccio 
2 piglet roast
3 foie gras poutine
3 foie gras and pancakes
2 foie gras and boudin tarts
2 tripe stews
2 duck in a cans
1 trotter stuffed w/ foie

i know we got a few other specials of the night... needless to say it was a large amout of food. 
Along the way some people began tapping out... or eating just tid bits and letting the rest pick up there slack... my girlfriend being one of them. Most dishes were good (foie and boudin tart) with the mains not so good. The duck in a can was probably the worst of the bunch. A cool idea, but cool ideas dont make up for overcooked, under rested protein, foie gras that tasted like dry chicken livers and the fat was  inedible.  By the main courses we knew we had over ordered. 
The thought of putting the duck back in the can and taking both of them home in a bag crossed our minds because we didn't want the PDC staff to think we were pussies... At one point we all held hands and prayed for god to give us the strength to continue on with the feast. Perhaps he was busy. The stuffed trotter.... that looked like roadkill on mash potatoes whipped with xanthan gum was tasty, but at that point in the meal, really tasted like everything we had ate throughout the meal on one plate. 
In most restaurants when sharing food your fighting to get a taste of the foie gras. There at PDC i noticed big chunks of foie gras on my plate i didn't even know i had. 
It was fun. 
But i dont see myself going back soon as the menu doesn't seem to change much. 


RedEarth said...

Yeah, while PDC is still one of my favourite resto's, I don't think it's quite what it used to be... I agree that when eating one's way through the menu, there are a lot of similarities in the flavour profiles. There is a definite "sameness" to many of Picard's dishes. Go in the summer, though - when the seafood's freshest, PDC absolutely kills it. And did you get a whiff of that sommelier's breath?!

Grant van Gameren said...

someone was just telling me about the seafood.
Ill be back in the area in august. i will have to check it out.