Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lamb Head Cheese

We decided to make head cheese with the lamb heads. We've never made it with lamb before and after cooking the heads we realized we should have bought a dozen of them to get a decent quantity of meat worth making. But then again, this is all experimental so if its crap it will have only cost us 10  bucks.
We brined the heads and tongues and purged the brains. 
We know brains have a short life span but we want to try them out in the cheese and will use them up within a day. 
We cooked the brains shortly, then breaded and fried them for some flavor. 
unfortunately we ran out of time tonight to pick the heads and press em, but hopefully tomorrow we will have it complete and ready to serve friday.  We plan to use pork stock as the gelatinous binder but will add some of the lamb bouillon for flavor. 
Other then salt, pepper and some fresh mint we plan to keep it quite simple. 
Ideally, we would like to try to set a whole lambs tongue in the middle for esthetics. We shall see!

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Unknown said...

Foodie/Everyman stopped by for dinner tonight; we meant to come say hello, but you looked busy and didn't want to interrupt.

Must be a holdover from growing up in the resto-biz with a British stepfather... you just don't interrupt or they go all Gordon Ramsay on your ass.

Anyhoo, just wanted to say that lamb headcheese w/ grainy mustard is absolutely funktastic!!!

Don't know if you'll get the reference, but your place is totally EPIC NOMS!