Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off to Montreal

The hoof staff and there significant others are off to Montreal. 
We decided a few days ago to close down for a couple days next week. Sunday the 15th and monday the 16th to be exact. We will reopen thursday. We decided that we need to take a little culinary trip for a few days. I can be fairly particular about leaving times and like to stick to a schedule. I like structure. i dont like winers. Were leaving 5 hours after saturday night service. That gives everyone 3 1/2 to 4 hours sleep. No more no less. we must arrive on time!! If you sleep in you get left behind. Everyone will receive a wake up call. We have a late reservation at Au Pied de Cochon on sunday night. We plan to show them how the hoof can eat. Infact, we plan to close the place down and with any luck the hoof and the cochon staff will go out and party!! Last time i was there it was impossible to try the whole menu because i was only with another friend. This time there is 10 of us. Assuming everyone eats three dishes, that makes thirty, surely thats most of the menu. I am excited. Were planning on checking out all the markets and im trying to find information on all the small illegal cheese makers in the eastern townships that a friend told me about. There will be lots to blog about next week!

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