Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Today was a good day. Horrible for business but a nice break from the typical madness. Every once in a while we (myself and my sous chef g-mo) find ourselves with a small prep list and free time to screw around. Today was terrine day. We did rabbit rilette stuffed with a torchon of salt cured foie gras, foie gras mi-cuit layered with dolce de leche and membrillo, as well as a nose to tail terrine aka head cheese. The foie gras with membrillo didn't turn out how we exactly would have liked, but it was spur of the moment and we know what we would do next time. Its days like this that remind me what i love about cooking so much. The "grind" as most cooks like to call it can be fun, but prepping the same stuff day in and day out can get pretty boring. Its days when i can just waltz into the kitchen early with a small prep list when all the fun stuff happens. I'll be posting alot this week because I harvested some new stuff today which included lardo, pork liver salami, and pancetta along with about 50 other things i have to get caught up on. It will be a busy February. 


Unknown said...

any chance of the terrine recipes? my new one arrived today, surely an omen!

Grant van Gameren said...

any one inparticular?