Monday, February 9, 2009

Pig Roast Finale

So i showed up to work this morning to find the head roast pretty black. At first i was sure it was burnt, but at further inspection and taste it wasn't. It was actually pretty damn tasty. Not exactly cooked so i could shave it table side on some eggs for brunch but it tasted much different then say just your typical poached head. It had depth and a very nice caramelization to it. Unfortunately it was stuck to the side and bottom of the hotel pan so when i went to pick it up the meat essentially fell of the head and into its own oil. I was interested in tasting the brains but didn't have a clever so i just busted it open on the tiled floor and got a little taste. The brains were overcooked, not surprising after 24 hours of cooking. The meat attached to the eyeball was pretty tasty though...considering it was attached to the eyeball. Oh and i couldn't bring myself to eat the eyeball. We picked through the remaining meat and i tossed some in for the stuffed pig snout along with some sweetbreads and smoked hock. The rest of the meat got pressed into a terrine. Tomorrow i shall see what the terrine tastes like. All in all i wouldn't call it a failure as it was a learning experience and i have learned a few things i would do differently. 

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Nickel Jeff said...

come on, I figured you would put the eyeballs in the middle of the terrine!