Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mastering French charcuterie ...or atleast trying to...

French terrines can be quite intimidating and difficult. It would be easier if i grew up in France i often think to myself. No one ever really taught me charcuterie. A few basics i learned from my old chef but for the most part ive learned it on my own. Experimenting with dry curing has been fun and its not really "technical" you just need to understand a few basic necessities and then you begin to understand how things work. Terrines on the other hand can be a little more tempermental. En croutes can be the queen bitch. But, me being the kinda guy that i am (and not wanting to be a one dimensional chef) i've decided to devote some time to understanding how all this works. Here are a few nice looking but fairly straight forward ones ive screwed around with. Foie gras in rabbit, head to tail terrine, and something that once was the filling to a cabbage roll that no one "got" at the restaurant and now has ended up in a terrine, Oxtail and Escargot. I'm happy with all three. But trust me.....this is only the beginning. 

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