Thursday, February 5, 2009

Genoa Salami

Not all the salami's i do try to be different. This is a traditional Genoa salami and its the simplicity that really shines here. Its has a good amount of ground fat so it really keeps its moistness. There's only a few ingredients in this one but the complexity comes from a long fermentation period and good quality pork. I added caraway seed but never measured it, its not in your face but it has brought it to another level in my opinion. The key like any salami is to keep the fat cold. Because of the higher amount of fat in this one, if its not cold, there is more fat to smear and with this ratio it can be a really bad thing. Luckily this batch turned out really well. 
The first time i made it i kept thinking it wasn't ready because it wasn't firm enough, i kept aging it and it never firmed up. I finally sliced into it and realized it was already done. Then eventually i figured out that fatty salami's never get as dense as leaner ones. Makes sense, but it took me a while. If you come across some good heritage farm raised pork i would definitely try this recipe. 

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