Monday, February 9, 2009

Pig Snout Update

So the first stage of playing around with pig snouts is complete. It went exactly as planned. I quickly stuffed it with some smoked ham hock, set it while warm in seran wrap, then wrapped it in caul fat, aggressively seared it, then roasted it, then i basted, then sliced. It was very "porky", almost too much and uber gelatinous because of the fat and meat attached to the skin of the snout. Next time i think i will brine them, and clean out the snout better so that its more of a serving vessel rather then part of the meat component. 
You either view the finished product as a work of art or stomach turning. I dont think there is much of a medium when it comes to this dish.
 The plan is to serve it with some braised cabbage, apples and double smoked bacon. 


Jasonmolinari said...

This is awesome. So awesome.

pofu said...

maybe braising the snout first, then stuff it and pan roasting it right before you serve it?

Grant van Gameren said...

Yea i braised the snout in pork stock before stuffing it. I actually think i'd do it in a bouillon so it lessens the extreme porkiness.

Jasonmolinari said...

I feel the need to repeat your experiment, and stuff it with cotechino filling, and then cook it sous vide.

This would be like a zampone, except with a snout, so i'd call it a nasone. Holy crap, that might be the coolest thing ever.