Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kimchi Ramps

We've already had about 100 lbs of ramps come our way. This 168 liter container was full and we decided to kimchi them. I dont have the recipe infront of me but i will try and post it soon. Normally, the addition of water isn't part of the recipe, but id like to be able to can these ones up and thought using a brine would help with keeping the ramps nice and and tasty in there jars. Lots of garlic, ginger, salt,sugar and korean chili flakes. They are currently fermenting in the cave. These ramps are big and they should take a while for the brine to penetrate there core. Although i am dreading  the actual part of canning this season because of memories of 5 in the morning last year waiting for water to boil, doing small batches at a time, especially on an electric stove, it beats trying to store a million vac pac bags of pickles in our small walk in. 


Unknown said...

Please, please send the kimchi ramps recipe.



Nick Macri said...

I don't know how much canning you'll be doing but I don't think it would hurt to invest in a propane burner and do your canning outside in larger stock pots.

Unknown said...

i was looking at that as an option, but i think i will just go with a pressure canner. It will be easier for me to keep an eye on things while in the kitchen,

Michael said...

Went searching for "charcuterie blogs" and found yours... I am seriously jealous of some of the things you've made. Mostly of the meat you've made, but kimchi ramps are a great idea too (ramps have become very trendy in Chicago restaurants, though season is probably over).

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Grant van Gameren said...

awesome video!
i loved every minute of it.
do you have more videos similar?