Thursday, May 28, 2009

Curing Room Update

Although i only get to spend a very minimal amount of time in this room, it is my favorite part of the week. The smell, the look, the constant squeezing of cured meats to access whats ready or soon to be cherry picked. 
Most animals in the animal kingdom are represented in these pictures... i'm sure you can guess which one is the N'duja. 
I harvested some really nice horse with clove and chili yesterday so look for it on your board this week. Our prosciutto's are still a ways away but hopefully they will be tasty. 


Unknown said...


That room looks like it would give me a meat coma.

Did you brand the restaurant's initials into that prosciutto?

Larbo said...

Great to see you've got the Nduja fever as well!

Grant van Gameren said...

my friend freddy branded the pros. for me, he's the expert in that sort of stuff.

Adam Donnelly said...

I am currently setting up a curing room in my basement and I was wondering what you used for ventilation in yours.