Friday, May 1, 2009


So a few things to update. 
Lets start with the loser. Remember the pork loins i stuffed with noisette salami? 
Well, great idea, bad execution. It didn't cure great and it only kinda stuck to one side. 
Im sure i'll try it again sometime, only this time around i will probably press it as it ages to see if that helps. I plan to do the reverse idea now that i have the saran wrap casing :)
Another salami i made was a spicy clove and horse one. It turned out great. only i didn't make alot. So i made a big batch this past week. 
There is something about the pairing of horse and clove that goes so well together. 
Also, The Baby Goat salami is finished and i must say its a winner. 
Its got a perfect level of salt, nice whole black peppercorns and a bottle of cava. 
Im not sure if i can taste the cava or not, perhaps its all in my head, but you can definitely taste the goat meat. 
Its not overly goaty. but definitely apparent.  
Now all i need to do is find some more baby goat trim. 
Ps. if you want some goat, please ask to have it on your board when you order. IF i have some on hand, you shall receive. 

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