Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crazy for Pig Ears

This week i've had a serious infatuation with pig ears. With my second batch of testina i decided to throw in the pig ears and cook them over night. We shaved the hair and rinsed out what looked to be ear wax ( and i say "we" because i finally have another cook in the kitchen now). The morning came and the ears were extremely soft and ready to be made into something. The evolution of the pig ear terrine began. it started with just rolling up two pig ears and pressing them. As i finished the first roll, the next idea popped into my head. I sliced some pickled cow's tongue and layered the ears. First layer tongue then an ear, then some more tongue, then another ear and finally some more tongue. I saran wrapped it into a roll and pressed it. Then we were left with one single ear in the pot as the mate to that ear was all broken up. We then decided to wrap the solo ear in prosciutto and last minute through in some cremini mushrooms into the center. With all these terrines we wrapped tight and poked holes to release any air gaps. continuing the process reminding me of the meat cubes we used to do with Activa. Except this time it was the natural gelatin that holds everything together. 
The first time i sliced into it there was a beautiful pattern of cartilage and wavy lines of tongue. Sure it kind of reminds you of tape worms or perhaps the ebola virus under microscope and is probably hard to stomach for most people. But if your a cook and appreciate charcuterie you gotta love how this turned out. Blaaam!


Larbo said...

I just found this site from your post on Jason Molinari's blog, and I can't believe what a fan-fucking-tastic blog this is!

Why isn't anyone commenting? This is great stuff you are doing.

When you have a chance–some night around 4 or 5am–check out my blog at www.thislittlepiggy.us

Great to have found you.

Grant van Gameren said...

Thanks for your comments. I havn't really been advertising the blog. i just write stuff and hope someone comes across something useful they can use for themselves. i checked out your blog, very cool!

pinstripeprincess said...

i'm intrigued by your combination of the ears and tongue. Any more specific description of what worked and what didn't work with it? i've got some bison tongue in my freezer and at times it's a bit of a struggle to figure out what to do with it because it is so strong in flavour. i'd like to try my hand at charcuterie like this and will have to consider what to pair it with. intresting work! best of luck.