Friday, December 26, 2008

Noisette Round Two

I really enjoyed the Noisette i made a couple months ago, the only problem is that it went too quickly. So i made a huge batch and screwed around with it in several forms. i had these bladder casings just ligering amonst some salt in the fridge i wanted to use up. I'm not sure if theres a traditional recipe one would use to stuff these with, but pork, roasted hazelnuts and fresh tarragon sounded good at the time. It was my first time using them and it was fun to see how big they stretch out to be. By the end of it i couldn't stop thinking to myself what the heck am i going to slice this on. Either way, it was fun, an experience, and something i needed to educate myself on. They look weird hanging in my fridge and the lining is really thick. It was tough to get the meat really compact so i hope there's minimal gaps between the meat. 
I also borrowed a metel pole from a restaurant i used to work at to hollow out a few pork loins to stuff. This just isnt any 
metal pole its been sharpened on one end to cut through the meat. i slipped the cured pork loin onto the tube just like you would a casing and then piped the farce meat into the hole just like you would a salami. I then wrapped it up in cheesecloth and fermented it for a day then off to the curing fridge. i'm excited to see if it binds well in the interior. 


ntsc said...

Fortunately for my pocket book the company I worked for, which was around the corner from Bar Boulud 'retired' me.

Take a close look at the framed items on the wall opposite the bar. They are all real.

For lunch I had the small charcuterie plate and I think the croque Monsieur, for dinner the large charcuterie plate and steak frite. I liked it all. Don't know what my wife had, but she was pleased with it.

bob mcgee said...

Great blog, great charcuterie, glad I found you, tripped over you through DelGrosso. I'll be back

Les Gourmands said...

Hope you get to see this Grant as I would love to come down to the Black Hoof but am afraid the SO is gluten-allergic. Do you use wheat/malt/rye/barley or any other gluten containing ingredients in your charcuterie? Would you be able to put together a plate that hasn't been cross contaminated? I pray that you can accomodate!

Unknown said...

loving your work. made for great reading :)

check us out -

i'll be checking back soon

howie x

Grant van Gameren said...

Thanks everyone!

Les gourmands,

I use very little gluten in my restaurant. just let the server know and ill make sure you get some good eats.

Les Gourmands said...

Thanks very much Grant!

Samson Jackson said...

Bladders are for Chickens.

I've never done this, but you can find the recipie in his book and Fernand Point's. When I finially tracked one down, it was too small for a quail.