Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perfect Capicollo

Sometimes. It just doesnt get better then this.
This is a monster cap off a berkshire from Fred at perth pork.
This guy hung for about 4 months and had a beautiful 5 spice added to the cure and the aroma makes me salivate everytime i smell it.
Using good pork makes a world of difference. The fat in this is incredible. Luckily i have about 40 more still hanging.


Portland Charcuterie Project said...

Wow.. that looks Phenomenal.

I'm getting a hazlenut finished Coppa this weekend and will be making my second Capicollo. ( the first looked beautiful but was just a bit too salty.

There's a new pork supplier in PDX called TailsandTrotters.com All hazlenut finished pork..

you're correct.. quality pork really just shine in charcuterie.. I'm learning that with each new project I complete.

Thanks for the inspiration!!


Anonymous said...

fuck bro, that looks amazing. i wish i lived closer.

Unknown said...

Wwwwoahhh that looks so beautiful

Heath Putnam said...

You might want to try a Mangalitsa neck sometime: http://woolypigs.blogspot.com/2010/05/cured-mangalitsa-neck.html

Done right, Mangalitsa pigs are more fatty, marbled, flavorful and juicy than Berkshires.

Danielle said...

WOWZA!!!!! That looks insaaaaanely awesome!

Ashling said...


Victoria said...

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