Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Website

Well its been a while...

Perhaps i should rename this blog "Its been a while..."

Moving on, The Black Hoof and Hoof cafe are finally getting a website.
Yes i know, its about freakin' time.
What kind of restaurant in a major metropolitan city doesn't have a website? The only one i can think of is our restaurant. But the time has come and i feel good about this one.
You see this isn't the first time we've embarked on this journey of HTML.
But this is definately the most promising one of them all.

I think what all the past web designers have been lacking is kowledge of what Black Hoof is. Who we are. What food we serve. The environment, the culture, the vibe, and our passion. So, we've finally secured, and by secured i mean we havn't paid them nor have they started the website yet, a duo of web geeks, errr guys, who dine enough at our restaurant to get it and there past work gives me good hope to expect something refreshing compared to the stale typical restaurant website.

This website will be a look into our restaurant, the people who make it all possible, the staff, the dishwasher, our suppliers. It will be interactive. No flash. No bullshit. Hours of operation and contact info will be fully displayed so hopefully people dont continue to show up on tuesdays and wednesdays, because it breaks my heart having to watch them from across the street through the kitchen window of the cafe as i prep on my days off.

I havn't posted in a while since we decided to embark on this "getting our act together website thing" because blogspot is so fucking depressing and all i keep thinking about is this website Jen and I have been designing in our heads.

But, i came on tonight and checked this new blog counter/stalker/CIA thing i added a while back and was surprised at how many people actually read this page. Malta? Australia? UK?
Ok, for real, who's in Malta makin charcuterie....? Show yourself!
Anyways, i've had so much stuff stockpiled these days, so many pics, so many stories, and i was hoping this was going to be a week long web construction but apparently html stuff takes time.
My web guys gave me an itinerary of all there objectives and projected dates.
These guys have there shit together broken down into how many hours they distribute amongst various duties, etc...
And the projected launch date is in april.
So I will have to be patient.
And despite the fact that i cure meat for a living, patience is not one of my virtues....i want everything now now now!

So, to sum it up. Charcuterie Sundays will be integrated into our new site. This Blog on blogspot will no longer exist. It will be much more interactive, pictures will be better, and Jen (My biz partner, not my girlfriend contrary to popular belief) will be sharing her gift in concocting drinks as well. We still have a month and a 1/2 or so left but I will let you know when things change.


plam said...

Awesome, I love flashless restaurant webpages. Why do all restaurant webpages feel like they have to make my computer start playing music? That is pretty high on my hate list.


I can't wait! My only criticism... spell check and grammar! I love this blog (and the restaurants, duh) but their, there and they're are not interchangeable!

Hahahah, I guess we're not all perfect. Your skills with meat more than make up for it...

Unknown said...

You're right , I know my spelling and grammar sucks. Especially at the odd hours in the morning that I post.

Sasha said...

So what happened to the sweetbreads?!

Karina said...

Zack and John are awesome! Looking forward to the new website.

Also I was at the resto on Saturday and had my first raw horse. Blam!

Victoria said...

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