Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Duck Tenders

I've cleaned a lot of duck breasts in my days... 
And very rarely has the tender ever been of any use. I think i remember using them in a foie gras hotdog once but most of the time it gets thrown  into a consomme raft or staff meal. 
So i started thinking about how i could cure it and make use of it, or better yet how could i turn it into money at this new restaurant. 
I'm a big fan of botarga. I have not had much, but i still remember a simple pasta i once ate with a mound of rasped dried roe. So i got to thinking. What if i was to give the tenders a simple cure, perhaps add a bit more salt then i would normally for curing and see if i could get a rock hard piece of cured duck, hard enough to grate. 
I could see it shaved on a nice salad, cheese, pasta, the possibilities are endless and i think it will be a good use of something generally overlooked. 

Cured Duck Tenders
320 gr Duck tenders (approx. 10pc)
25 gr Confit salt
.8 gr instacure #2

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