Sunday, August 17, 2008

Consistency = Success

So today was duck curing day and i'm hoping these will be fully cured come opening night. Ducks are simple. There are a ton of different methods of curing them and i've done it a dozen times but never actually measured the amounts of ingredients i've used. I usually just mix enough confit salt with them and leave them for 7-10 days, rinse them and hang till dry. I always get a good product, but each times been different. 
So heres to consistency, which just happens to be one of the main reasons why restaurants stay in business. hmmm... First I started off with 10 Magret ducks. 7 of them got a regular cure. 2 got 
a dried cherry cure and the last one got a lavender cure. I've never done the cherry or lavender, but i've always thought about bringing some fruity floral notes to a proscuitto. 

Confit Salt     
250gr Kosher salt
50 gr Sugar, white fine
45 gr shallots, chopped fine
45 gr parsley, chopped fine
20 gr black pepper, ground
15 gr garlic, chopped fine
5 gr fresh thyme, chopped fine
6 bay leaves

Confit salt is a great thing to have in a kitchen at all times.
Heres what i did.... 

Duck prosciutto 
1 magret duck breast     
25 gr confit salt                                    
3 juniper berries                                
0.9 gr instacure #2

w/ Lavender
1 Magret duck breast
25 gr confit salt
1 gr dried lavender 
0.9 gr instacure #2

w/ Cherries 
1 magret duck breast
12 gr salt
3.5 gr sugar
1.6 gr black pepper
40 gr dried cherries 
0.9 gr instacure #2

Tomorrow i think i will take one of the seven regular duck prosciutto and up the juniper ante and throw in some orange zest. I'll check back in 7 days to see how they are coming along. 

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