Monday, April 6, 2009

All hands on deck

Not only does she make great cocktails but she also makes Testina. The hoof's better 1/2, Jen, lending a hand in the kitchen on one of our off days. 


Unknown said...

Jen needs to get on up this blog with her Manhattan recipe immediately.

jen agg said...

There is no real secret, it's a classic Manhattan with 2 parts RYE (bourbon's great for sours, but a perfect manhattan's heart belongs to rye) to 1 part sweet vermouth, and a few drops home-made bitters (okay, maybe that's the secret but I'm taking it to my grave) and never ruin a great drink with chemical-laden maraschinos. At the Hoof, we use dried, sour cherries that we soak in booze and cook down to a syrupy consistency. And of course there's the love. STIR until ice cold but before the drink takes on too much water and serve in a cocktail glass.

Unknown said...

Jen, even though you're holding out on that bitters recipe, I love you for this.. thank you!